slashdot redesign

Slashdot, one of the oldest news sites, is having a contest to redesign their site. Here is my entry for the contest. First a couple of notes about it:

  • XHTML 1.0 Strict validates cleanly,
  • retains the top left curve and Coliseo font
  • new presentation, yet echos the original design (still looks like Slashdot)
  • header & logo are echoed in the article intro presentations
  • renders properly in Firefox, Safari, Opera, Camino (IE, probably not so much)
  • the # mark in the logo: it can refer to the unix root prompt, C#, music or telephony, all nerd interests
  • narrower columns are easier to scan than wider ones
  • sixteen articles in two columns of eight, nerd numbers if ever there were any
  • topic icons light up on mouse over
  • poll choice can be made by clicking the text next to the desired radio button (Fitt’s Law)
  • the expanding/contracting menu on the right requires JavaScript to work
  • the toggle JS routine has a commented out call to update the user’s profile, the idea is that when a user is logged in, each time a slashbox is opened or closed, the change of state would be sent back to the server and recorded in the person’s profile. Next time the page is requested, it would render the way the person last saw it. for example the login box (see next point)
  • note that the login box is closed, this is done simply by having it inherit from two classes: content and closed, and having the title box’s class assigned appropriately, this should be easy to add on the server side
  • no tables were harmed in making this layout
  • enjoy

My redesign can be seen here: if you’re using IE and it the redesign looks messed up, it is supposed to look like this.

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