Papers & Presentations

Here are some papers I’ve written and presentations I’ve given. This will provide some orientation on what I’ve been thinking and doing.

Usability Testing Virtual Margins, poster
I presented this poster at the Education Department’s open house as part of SFU’s 40th anniversary in June 2006.
Usability Testing Virtual Margins, Thesis Proposal
When I started the Education and Technology Masters program, I didn’t intend to do a thesis. But as they say, I identified a gap in the literature where I think I can contribute. This paper outlines my starting point.
Usability Testing Virtual Margins
I presented this paper at IKIT in Toronto in August 2005.
Reflective Portfolio Essay
This is an essay describing my changes in understanding concerning Functions and Methods of Research on Learning, Roles of Technology in Education, Nature of Teaching and Learning, and my ability to Design and Evaluate Curricula, Tools, Systems or Practices That Incorporate Technology. It was used as an exemplar for subsequent cohorts.
Reflective Portfolio Presentation
In conjunction with the portfolio essay, we had to do a 15 minute presentation. Instead of a monologue, I initiated a series of dialogs based on a set of quotations. During the program we used a couple of different web based communications forums. I made it a habit to end my postings with a relevant quotation. It seemed fitting to end my coursework with a selection of those quotations and have the group interpret them.
Designing a 3rd Generation Knowledge Building Tool
I wrote this paper for EDUC 853. It was here that I came up with the virtual margin idea.
The Educational Tradition of Anchored Instruction
The first major paper I wrote in my program. It was used as an exemplar for subsequent cohorts.

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