Filter Hierarchy

Seth Godin, asked What’s your filter hierarchy? I thought it a great question. Here’s my ranking:

Phone call from your mom
I’ll take that call.

Phone message from the kid’s principal
I’ve had a few of those. They get my attention.

Email from your boss
Some need immediate attention. Some can wait.

Text message on your phone from your husband/wife
Facebook update from someone you haven’t seen in ten years
Personal note from a good friend
Email from someone who had your back one day when it really and truly mattered
These get my attention.

Handwritten love note from a current crush
Better be from my wife or I’m in serious trouble.

Blank sheet of paper quietly waiting for your next big innovation
I keep a stack just to the left of my keyboard.

Three or four recommendations from trusted colleagues, each with the same link
Worth looking into.

Comment on a blog post you wrote three days ago
Someone wants to talk to me about something I wrote, I’m interested…

New post by your favorite blogger, delivered via RSS
I use Google Reader to follow 86 feeds. My favourite blogger would just show up in the stream in due course.

Post on Google + from a friend of a friend
Hmmm, I should check G+ more often. It’s been a while.

New review in the Times of a restaurant you happen to be going to tonight
Quick scan

File on the intranet you’re supposed to read before the end of the week
If it’s important it would come to me.

Movie playing across town
I go see movies on occasion.

!!!urgent marked email from the HR department about the TPS reports
Email from HR is never “!!!urgent”. What are TPS reports?

Tweet from someone who really, really wants you (and everyone else) to follow her
I received a tweet from some guy like that, I asked him why he wanted followers. His answer: “I guess it means more exposure.” I now ignore him.

Latest volley in a flame war
Can’t be bothered.

Obviously bulk snail mail from a charity you donated to three years ago
Recycle unopened.

Sales pitch on your voicemail
Deleted immediately and with prejudice

Spam email from a stranger
Tenth note from Eddie Bauer, this one to an email address you haven’t used in a year
Instant delete, assuming it even reaches my in box.

Angry tweet from someone you’ve never met
Tweet from the handler of a celebrity who is pretending to be the celebrity

Commercial on the radio that’s playing softly in the background
I don’t listen to the radio. I can’t handle the chatty announcers or the commercials.

Story that’s repeated endlessly on cable news because a producer thought it would get good ratings
TV commercial on a show you’ve got on your DVR
I disconnected the cable on Sept. 1st 2001.
I don’t have a DVR.

The latest on Reddit
Newest negative review of your business on Yelp
A trending topic on Twitter
Rebecca Black’s new video
Book in the bookstore, next to the cash register
Book on the back shelf of a bookstore, newly put there yesterday by the manager, who doesn’t know what you like
I won’t even notice it.


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